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Your music deserves to sound great.  Many times that means equipping you the knowledge to get a great product yourself, but if you’re busy or just don’t have the confidence yet that you’ll get the best result, I’m here for you.

I offer a variety of services to get you going in the right direction.  From re-amping to vocal tuning to mixing and mastering, I have the knowledge and gear to help you with whatever you need.


The pre-production phase happens before anything else.  You have written your songs and can play them well, now it’s time to prepare for recording. I’ll give you advice on which parts to record and how to layer them to give your song depth and clarity.


I’ll take your individually recorded tracks and add equalization, compression, and other necessary processing to maximize vibe and impact.  I will help you produce your song by offering suggestions on how it can improve while staying true to your original vision.


Now that all of your songs are mixed, it’s time to make sure they all fit together.  I’ll apply selective EQ to polish the songs, compression, apply stereo widening techniques as appropriate, and bring them up to a industry-standard volume for a finished product you can be proud of.


Sometimes you may struggle getting the right tone for a song, or you may not have the necessary amps and effects available for the sound you’re trying to achieve.  For guitar or bass, I’ve got you covered with a massive selection of software and hardware-based amps, cabinets and effects.


Clean up extra noise in a guitar take, touch up timing on vocals or aligning drums to the grid.  The editing process adds the final touches to your songs to make them stand up with the best.

Vocal Tuning

After capturing a great take, vocal tuning adds the final polish so your songs are competetive with commercial releases.

Drum Tracks

It’s not always possible to find a great drummer or a good environment to capture a great drum performance.  Drums can make or break the song, and I can provide the perfect drum track.