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In my last video I showed you how you can make drum room tracks using a MIDI track. Today I’m going to show you an alternate method, which will require less processing down the road.

You’re going to need:

  • Slate Trigger

The process:

Create a stereo audio track and name it “drum rooms” or “drum room sample.” Set the “stereo mix” track as the input to this channel. The output should be set to your drum buss.

Select Slate Trigger as an insert on each of your drum shells, and choose an appropriate sample (something that sounds similar to your original drum track). If you’re loading an individual sample from the list, make sure you’re choosing a room sample.  If you’re choosing a preset, mute or clear the direct mic channel. Inside of the Trigger software, tune the drum do be the same pitch as your recorded track.

Create a stereo aux track (group channel track in Cubase) and label it “stereo mix.”

Route all of your drum shells (that you’re triggering) to the “stereo mix” track.

Now that all of your triggered shells are running through the “stereo mix” buss, which is now the input of your “drum room sample” track, you can simply record-enable the drum room sample track and record from the beginning.

You should now have a nice sounding stereo drum room track.  Now just compress the heck out of it, turn it all the way down, and bring it up slowly until it sounds good!